Sego Services

We help you develop your solution from end to end, or just jump in where needed.


There when you need us

Maintenance Packages Maintenance is an important part to any Drupal application. There are core updates, module updates, and security patches which all need be monitored and updated on a regular basis. Sego offers a full range of maintenance packages to ensure that your Drupal application is secure and up to date.

Staff Augmentation Our Staff Augmentation services are a powerful way to gain top tier talent at a fraction of the cost of hiring additional employees. Augmentation allows you to leverage our experienced team as part of your company's resources. Our augmentation services provide full system support, development resources, graphic design services, 24 hour response time customer service, priority phone and email support and complete maintenance for your Drupal application. This flexible and cost effective alternative to hiring more staff has proven to be successful for a wide variety of clients from start up's to fortune 500 companies.


Professional Drupal Training

Our expert Drupal trainers have worked with some of the largest Drupal adopters in the industry:

Sego Sessions

We have developed a full range of training sessions that focus on various aspects of Drupal from module selection & site building to custom module development and site migration. These training sessions were designed for both large and small teams and range from single to multi-day work shops. Contact us for more information on Sego Session topics.

Personalized Training

Tell us what you want to learn about and we will build a curriculum around your needs. Personalized training seminars are available for single or multi-day work shops and can touch on variety of topics or deep dive into a specific issue.


Problem Solved

We love solving problems. Even more so we love solving them with Drupal!:

Drupal Commerce E-commerce and M-Commerce are a standard in today's marketplace. Drupal Commerce provides a secure and flexible foundation to craft a fully customizable solution to meet your specific commerce needs. With over 20,000 sites, Drupal commerce is industry tested and approved!

System Integration Software solutions have been around for some time now and there is a good chance that you have taken advantage of them over the years. With data spread out on various systems it can be hard to stay flexible and grow with the changing times. Sego's integration services consolidates data from disparate systems and legacy databases and brings them into one manageable, flexible, Drupal application.

Intranet Applications Drupal on your local network can do a lot, from developing a company employee directory to defining custom workflows for information sharing. Instead of deploying a proprietary solution which is marketed to be "customizable", choosing an open source solution with a large community will put you on a on a flexible platform to enable you to implement solutions in your enterprise that truly differentiates your business. We would love the opportunity to speak further about how partnering with Sego can enable your business to leverage these powerful resources.


Plan For Success

Let Sego guide your team to success:

Scope Assessment

Our scope assessment services will allow us to sit with you an analyze your business, goals, & requirements. This crucial first step helps identify and validate a successful solution prior to spending valuable hours on development.

Module Selection

With over 10 years of Drupal expertise we are well versed in navigating the massive ocean of contributed modules. We will determine which modules are best suited to meet your requirements based on our scope assessment.

Site Configuration

With an in depth knowledge of your requirements and our modules selected we will put together a configuration plan for your team to assemble all the pieces.