About Us

How It All Began

For well over a decade we at Sego Solutions have enjoyed building value for our clients by leveraging our deep knowledge of web development, open source, and technology in general. We have many years of experience in healthcare, manufacturing, defense, and entertainment. We started Sego to scale to a full service open source consulting group dedicated to helping our clients navigate the highly valuable but challenging open source waters. Our passion currently resides within the Drupal community and the Drupal open source content management system. We are dedicated to building solid solutions, transferring valuable knowledge, and strengthening our open source community.

Our Philosophy

Open source is everywhere. The power of openly collaborating and sharing idea’s is not new but when it comes to software many businesses are stuck in the mindframe that high license costs and vague value propositions is the norm. By partnering with people familiar and active within open source, businesses are able to realize the flexibility and cost savings that can result. We believe that building strong long term relationships with our clients is critical to building sustainable value for any given project. We need to understand your needs and in most cases we can help navigate and develop solutions to fulfill those needs by leveraging open systems. Our philosophy is simple. Partner with people, not software. Great software results from great partnerships. Give us a call today to discuss your ideas, and we will advise on what is possible. We are open and accessible.