Drupal 8 Training

With Drupal 8 in RC2 we believe it is time to get your engines humming with learning all the in's and out's of the new version of our favorite content managment system! Towards this goal we have put together a few programs to get you and your team up to speed fast. We have been hitting the road over the past few months getting the word out and providing Drupal training wherever we can.

Our journey started up north at Drupal North. We had to the opporintity to give a few talks around Drupal 8 Site Building and Drupal 8 Module Development. Turn out was excellent and the camp was, as expected, filled with awesome folks. It was an excellent time... Toronto rocks! 

This lead up to NYCCamp, which was held at the United Nations. We had the opportunity to give the half day Drupal 8 Module Development training. Again, we had a great turn out and was able to get everyone feeling confortable coding quickly! We leveraged our Stack Starter platform to distribute full development environments and we were super excited that it worked smoothly! We recieved a bunch of great feedback and was happy to be able to implement much of it very quickly. 

Our most recent stop of our Drupal 8 training tour was up in Providance RI at NEDCamp. The folks in Rhode Island can put together a camp! We had the opportunity to give a talk on Drupal 8 site building and provided a full day training on module development. We took the things we learned at previous camps and built on them for NEDCamp. We think the outcome was a positive one! 

We are looking forward to continuing to give our training at various camps. Through our training efforts and the development of TryDrupal8.com we are proud to say we have spun up thousands of Drupal 8 instances over the beta's and we believe the future is only going to get brigher!

Stay tuned for some more exciting training news in the near future! If you or your team is looking for a quick and cost effective way to get up to speed give us a shout




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