Drupal 8 is near!

For those of you who know us, you know we have been excited about Drupal 8 for a very long time. I can recall discussing at one of our user group meetups over two years ago now touting how D8 is going to be a major step forward for us in the Drupal community. With ZERO critical issues left and Dries announcing at DrupalCon Barcelona that we can expect a RC (release candidate) with in the next few days... the time is near!

If you have not started to get your company up to speed with the developments in D8 now is the perfect time! Whether you are a site builder, developer, or stake holder you can not ignore the exciting developments. This release will truly be garnering a new age in Drupal, enabling us to take advantage and integrate with a whole world of open source technologies that have traditionally been challenging to leverage within the context of Drupal. At Sego, although we have a sweet spot for Drupal, we strongly believe in choosing the best tool for the job. With Drupal 8 it will make it much easier for us to develop clean, best of breed solutions for our clients leveraging a wide spectrum of open source technologies. That get us buzzing!! We are up in Road Island next week for NEDCamp. We will be doing the D8 module development training. If you are in the area, its a great value to get up to speed with some of the development changes we can expect.

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