Welcome to the future, welcome to Drupal 8

Yes, that's right the latest version of Drupal is here! 

With Drupal 8 the worlds most flexible content management system just got a major upgrade!

We are your Drupal 8 Experts.

Heres why:

  • We introduced TryDrupal8.com almost two years ago now and have enabled thousands of folks to get their hands on the latest release with a simple click.
  • We have trained folks around the world on both module development and site building with Drupal 8.
  • Our team has helped some of the largest adopters of Drupal as well as start ups get off the ground.

With a new object oriented architecture, Drupal is now more flexible then ever.  Drupal 8's core is more robust and feature rich then ever before resulting in faster deployments and much more capabilities out of the box.

Sego Solutions is here to help in all of your Drupal 8 needs:

  • Consulting
  • Site Development
  • Migrations
  • Training

Contact us today learn more. We honestly just love to talk about this so please don't hesitate, lets chat!